Once you have your page section looking just right, you can save it as a custom prebuilt to your library, and use it on other pages.

This means you'll never have to re-do your work, and you can update all pages when you make a change in a single place.

Saving a section

  • Hover over the section you wish to save
  • Hover over the section toolbar at the top of the section, and click the icon
  • Type in a name for your custom prebuilt
  • Click the button

Accessing your Custom Sections

Once you've done the above, your saved section will be available anytime you go to add a section. Here's how you access the section you just saved:

  • Hover over the area on your page where you'd like to add your saved section
  • Click the icon to open the Add a New Section popup
  • Click Prebuild to open the prebuilt modules panel on the left
  • In the prebuilt modules panel, open the Filter Prebuilts By droplist
  • Scroll down and click My Custom Prebuilts to see your saved sections
  • Select the custom prebuilt to add to your page