Every single web page in the world is made up of "sections", and you can think of them like "building blocks" that stack to build your page.

Some simple pages contain just 1 section. Regular business website pages will consist of anywhere from a couple to a dozen sections, depending on the content in it. More complex pages, such a sales pages can have dozens of sections.

In this overview article, we're going to direct you to the articles you'll need to master Page Sections and build anything you wish!

Section basics

Adding a new section to a page - learn how to place a new section wherever on a page you wish

Deleting (or hiding) a section from a page - sometimes sections need to be removed (or hidden) from your page for one reason or another

Moving/reordering sections of a page - move your page sections around with a single click & drag

Editing a page section - how to edit, change or customize an existing section on your page

Renaming a page section - it's important to keep your page sections named and organized well

Copying a section for re-use on the same page - sometimes a section just looks good that you want to repeat the magic further down the same page. Here's how

Saving a page section for re-use on another page - once you have your page section looking just right, you can save it to your Custom Sections Library, and use it on other pages. This means you'll never have to re-do your work.

Working with Section content

Adding a color into a page section background - sometimes you want a page section to stand out from the page by giving it a different color

Adding a color gradient into a page section background - another option to make a page section stand out is to use a color gradient

Adding an image into a page section background - hero banner sections in particular love having image backgrounds. Here's how.

Adding a video to a page section background - there aren't many places where you would want to use a background video in a section. If you find one, here's how to do it.

Changing the height of a page section - your sections can be any height -- here's how to adjust it however you like.

Making very small layout adjustments - here's how to make very small adjustments to a section.

Page Elements

Adding page elements - General how-to advice for adding any kind of element to your page -- from a headline, to a piece of text, an image, a video, etc.

Moving or dragging an element - How to move or drag elements around on your page