Get your API key from MadMimi

  • In your MadMimi account, go to Account then API under the Settings & Billing section in the upper right corner
  • Copy the Secret API Key code for pasting into Heroic (see steps below)

Connecting your Heroic form with MadMimi

  • In Heroic, go to the form you want to connect with Madmimi
  • Click the Setup button
  • Alternatively, click Setup in the button toolbar and Click Here to Connect Form in the left Button panel

In the Setup Form:

  • Under Choose Integration, select Madmimi
  • Enter a name for your integration so you can find it later
  • Enter your Madmimi Account (i.e. [email protected])
  • Paste in your Madmimi API Key
  • Click Continue to Step 2
  • In the next step, match up your Heroic form fields with your MadMimi fields. (NOTE: We automatically connect up the common fields for you, to save you time, but if you wish to adjust a match, feel free)
  • In the final step, Post Submission Settings, choose the page your visitor should be sent to AFTER they submit the form
  • Click Finish Setup

Your form is now set up and good to go!