IMPORTANT: Before starting work, have your ConvertKit API key at hand!

Locationg your API Key

  • Navigate to the APIs section of the control panel.
  • Click on Get API Keys
  • Check your email for the verification link and click it
  • You'll be taken back to the API control panel where your API Key should be available.
  • Copy both the Key and the Secret API strings to a document for later use

Connecting your Heroic form with Constant Contact

  • In Heroic, go to the form you want to connect to Constant Contact
  • Click the Setup button

In the Setup Form:

  • Choose Constant Contact from the options listed under Choose Integration
  • Enter a name for your integration so you can find it later
  • Paste the value you got from the Key field into the Constant Contact Access Token field
  • Paste the value you got from the Secret field into the Constant Contact API Key field
  • Click on Continue to Step 2
  • Choose which of your Constant Contact lists to add your new contact to
  • Use the field matching tool to connect your ConvertKit fields with your Heroic form
  • In the final step, Post Submission Settings, choose the page your visitor should be sent to AFTER they submit the form
  • Click Finish Setup

Congratulations! Your new form is now hooked up and ready for action!