While Heroic offers form integration with many CRMs (Client Relationship Managers) and ESPs (Email Service Providers), many people don't yet have the need for an expensive per-month 3rd party service to manage their email list.

That's why we've decided to offer the Email integration.

This is when Heroic will simply email you the details of the person who filled out your form, instead of putting it into another system.

To use this integration:

  • Go to the page that contains the form you wish to connect
  • Click the Setup button
    • Alternatively, click in the button toolbar and Click Here to Connect Form in the left panel

    In the Setup Form:

    • In Choose Integration, Email is selected by default. Leave it as is.
    • Enter a name for your new integration (for internal use only)
    • Enter the email address where subscriber info should be sent
    • Click Continue to Step 2

    In Post Submission Settings:

    • Select the Heroic page to redirect your visitor to after they submit their form. (You can also enter a non-Heroic webpage if you like.)
    • Click Finish Setup

    Congratulations, you've now integrated your Heroic form with an email address.