LeadPages, as the name implies, is designed to do one thing well -- make opt-in pages, landing pages and funnels. It's a direct response marketing tool.

Here at Heroic, we're dedicated to building out an ENTIRE beautiful, branded website that will build your business, including your funnels. It's based on the experience we gained building high-converting branded websites and sales pages for 100+ Five-, Six-, Seven-, Eight- and even Nine-figure online businesses.

It doesn't build your entire site like we do. It doesn't have the ability to allow you to keep colors and fonts consistent across your entire collection of pages. You can't blog on it.

The downside with LeadPages is that every page looks standalone, which is the "kiss of death" for your brand - and robs you of your credibility. With Heroic, we give you all of the tools that build beautiful sites that just plain work to build your business.

The fact is that most businesses don't need a sales funnel - they need a business website that converts. We provide a lot of design and image editing control as well as knowledge about how to convert for the major business models in our space. We can also do opt-in pages, sales pages, thank you pages, pop-ups, confirmation pages, etc. It's also click-to-edit, drag-and-drop easy to customize while keeping a consistent look and feel with our Global Styles.

Heroic is the tool that will give you that and pssst... we can do your funnel pages too, for when you wanna go there ;-)