To connect your Tucows domain to your Heroic site, you'll need to add our nameservers to your Tucows domain.

Important note about custom email

If you have a custom email address linked to your domain, please get your MX records from your email host BEFORE changing your nameservers.

Connect your Tucows domain to Heroic

  • Log in to your account
  • Go to the Domain Management Interface.
  • On the Domain Management Interface, click the Name Servers link. You will see a screen similar to this:
  • Remove the existing entries and enter Heroic's nameservers:
  • Click Save Configuration

    Allow 3-6 hours for this to update across the internet. (IMPORTANT: In some rare cases, this might take up to 24 hours to update!)

    Next Step - Tell Heroic about your custom domain

    To finish the process, follow the steps here to tell Heroic about your custom domain.