60-second intro to images

Adding an image to a page

To add an Image:

  • Click anywhere in the Section to activate it for editing
  • Hover your mouse where you wish to put your new element, and watch for the [icon-element-add] icon to appear
  • Click the icon to reveal the Elements menu
  • Click the Image option in the Elements menu.
  • A placeholder image will be inserted and the Images & Media popup will open.

In the Images & Media popup, you can:

  • select a previously uploaded image
  • upload a new image (up to 8mb file size) by clicking the button, or search for a free or premium image

To add the image to your section, click on it and it will drop in.

Adjusting Image Width

To adjust the width of your new image:

  • Hover over the image you want to adjust, and a toolbar will appear
  • Click Setup on the toolbar to open the Image panel on the left
  • Click the Design tab in the Image panel
  • Under Sizing, drag the slider to adjust the Image's Width

Image Sizing Pro Tip

When selecting images, you'll find the image size directly below its file name in the Image & Media popup.

For best results, we recommend these image sizes to help you avoid the mistakes you see on some sites -- for example, a banner picture that is too small or stretched to fit.

  • Full-Width Banner: 1200-2000 pixels wide
  • Main Column: 800 pixels wide
  • Sidebar: 400 pixels wide
  • 2 Pathways: 600 pixels wide
  • 3 Pathways: 400 pixels wide
  • 4 Pathways: 300 pixels wide

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