Good to know before you go live

When you first join Heroic, you can see your site at the special "hidden" URL that we created for you.

You can find out what your "hidden" URL is by clicking on the Preview button on your Heroic toolbar:

It will look a little like this:

This is a link that you can use to view your work online, as if you were a visitor. You can share the link with other people too if you wish.

How to take your site live

There are a few essential things you need to check off the list before you make your site live for the world to see, and in this article we're going to run you through them one by one.

  • First, make sure that you've set one of the pages in your account to act as your Home page. Assigning "page roles" also applies to all of the other usual page functions of a normal site - your 404 page, your blog home page, your blog article page, etc.. Here's how do to do that
  • Next, make sure you've set up social share settings for your site. This controls how your site looks when you share it with friends or prospects on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • If you're going to be sharing other site pages on social media, then make sure you add unique and descriptive sharing information to those pages individually, or else the global sharing settings you set in the previous step will be used
  • Last, if you're intending to use your own URL or domain name for your Heroic site, make sure you've updated the settings over at your domain registrar. Here are the general instructions for setting your own domain name, and you'll find registrar-specific links in that article too.