First, get your secret key from Stripe

  • Log in to your Stripe account and go to the API Keys page
  • Copy your Publishable key to a temporary document
  • Click on Reveal live key token and copy your key to the same temporary document

Your publishable key will be in the following format: pk_live_HzDSaR2y7s7yMUGBe7c9dH26s

Your secret key will be in the following format: sk_live_HzDSaRBr37yMUGBe7c9dH26s

Next, set up your Stripe Billing Integration in Heroic

  • Click on Settings and then Stripe Billing
  • Click on the Add New Stripe Billing button
  • Paste your secret key into the Private key field
  • Click the Check Private key button

Once validated, you'll be presented with more options in order to complete setup of your Stripe Integration.

  • Enter a name for your integation (this is for internal use only, to help you identify it later)
  • Paste the Public Key from your temporary document into the Public key field

If this is a one-time purchase:

  • Choose a currency from the Currency field
  • Enter a purchase amount into the Amount field

If this is a subscription purchase:

  • Choose the product from the Product droplist
  • Choose the payment plan from the Plan droplist

Complete the setup of your Stripe Integration:

  • Enter the name for the top of the Stripe payment form into the Form Name field (this is usually just the product name)
  • Enter a descripion for the Stripe payment form into the Form Description field (this is usually a 1 sentence tagline for the product)
  • Select an image for the Form Image field -- this is image that will be used at the very top of the Stripe form
  • Click the Save Changes button

Connect you button with your Stripe Integration

  • Find the button that should launch the Stripe Payment Form, and click the icon
  • From the Choose Button Action field, choose Stripe Billing
  • Choose the newly created integration from the Stripe Billing field
  • Choose (or enter) the destination page you want to take people to once the transaction is processed
  • Click the green checkmark icon to save your updates